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June Project Planning

So many projects, so few days.  Here is my top 10 list for this summer. Finish whitewashed strawberry bed.  It’s assembled an sitting in the front yard.  Need to add the logo, line with burlap and weed cloth, and fill … Continue reading

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The Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie

Last night we had friends over to dinner and they told me about a hilarious website called Pinterest Fail where people can post their experiences with trying things they see on Pinterest.  I hopped on the site this morning and … Continue reading

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The Office Supply Caddy

Now that I have a desk job, I have a new space to decorate, limited only by what my boss likes, as we share a double wide cubicle.  Ha!  That always seems like a trailer park phrase to me. The … Continue reading

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The used marker project

Got Kids?  Got dried up markers?  Yeah, me too.  My kids have so many markers that we keep them in a tacklebox.  I think they breed in there. The time had come to cull out the old nasty dried up … Continue reading

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Projects in progress

Beautiful weekend here at Morning Wood Acres.  Here is a double rainbow from Friday, which was stormy.  Taken right at twilight from our front porch.   The mommy duck that has taken up residence in the side yard now has … Continue reading

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Repurposed Wire Mesh Shelves into a Hanging Garden Trellis

This project was born last summer when we went to the local consignment auction.  At about 2:00 am they auctioned off a wire mesh cube shelf set that was in a box.  No idea how many pieces were there or … Continue reading

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