June Project Planning

So many projects, so few days.  Here is my top 10 list for this summer.

  1. Finish whitewashed strawberry bed.  It’s assembled an sitting in the front yard.  Need to add the logo, line with burlap and weed cloth, and fill with dirt.  Pinterest mashup.
  2. Make a pallet screen for the AC unit in the back yard.  Pallets to cover the two sides that people see, rock around the bottom for a nice clean look.   Use leftover stain from project 3.  This one comes straight off Pinterest and is repinned under Repurposed Garden, but the original site is no longer valid so I can’t link to it.  Here is the closest example I could find on Google.

    From forget-me-notlandscapedesign.com

  3. Refinish an old telephone table that we found at a yard sale by making my own steel wool and vinegar stain.
  4. Cover up my wireless router with old books on my desk at home.

    From Sewingbarefoot.blogstpot.ca

  5. Whitewashed, logoed terra cotta pots for my herb garden.  Already have the whitewash and old pots, just need to get a new printer cartridge and Mod Podge for the image transfer.

    From Kristieshelton.com

  6. Burlap the bay pot in the front yard.  Got the pot really cheap at Costco, it just doesn’t match my garden theme so I’m going to wrap it in old coffee sacks.

    From udandi.com


  7. Burlap welcome mat made from old coffee sacks and tack cloth.  To go with my burlap wreath and burlap pot that I made out of old coffee sacks.  Another pinterest mashup.
  8. Rain chain out of copper wire and electrical insulators.  Pinterest mashup.
  9. Porch swing.  This is my pie-in-the sky idea.  I would love to have one for the front porch, but with everything else going on, it might not happen this year.
  10. Pressed flower pictures and wrapping paper butterflies for my cubical next year.

    From thecreativemuster.blogspot.de

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