Projects in progress

Beautiful weekend here at Morning Wood Acres.  Here is a double rainbow from Friday, which was stormy.  Taken right at twilight from our front porch.   Image

The mommy duck that has taken up residence in the side yard now has 10 eggs.  The Gardening Stud, Youngest Son and I paid a visit to Bird House and Habitat and got her some seed.  She’s spending more time on the nest so 10 eggs might be all we get.  If she’s incubating we have about a month to find a kiddie pool for when they hatch.  The goal is that once they hatch we give them a week or so, then relocate them to a place closer to water.


I’ve got a few projects in varying states of completion:

  • Bean Beds-Oldest Son built and hung the bean trellises this week all along the back fence.  Need to clear away some sod then the beans get direct sown to ground.


  • Strawberry bed- I have cut the pallets and whitewashed them, need to screw them together and put my logo on one of the slats.  Have more sod to clear away from the area around the peach tree where the raised strawberry bed will go, then mulch in the whole bed.

Pallets after 1 coat of whitewash

  • Shelves for front porch-still in the design process.
  • Rain chain for front yard-designed in my head, need to procure some materials.
  • New Deck Project-The Gardening Stud  tore the deck apart last week.  It was one of those moments when I come home from work and the kids say, “Wait until you see what dad did!”  We had one rotting support under the deck that needed to be replaced so he tore into it to replace the support.  But while we’ve got it apart to fix that, we might as well improve it, right?  So this falls into the half-done-until-we-figure-out-what-the-heck-we’re-going-to-do catagory.

Not much going on with indoor projects this weekend:

  • The Garden Stud and Oldest Child made feta cheese.  It needs 4 or 5 days to age but preliminary test results had smile factor-maximum.  I see gyros in my future…maybe Friday.
  • Burlap wreath-have wreath form and coffee sacks from TV Coffee.  I think I’m going to turn this into an indoor/outdoor project so I can sit in the sun, cut up the sacks, and try to make something beautiful for my front porch.  Then I need to find some cool embellishments.

I’ll make complete posts of projects as I finish them.  One last happy picture for you.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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